>Stargate Driven Update

>STARGATE : THE ARK OF TRUTH came out last week. I added the product, but no rating because I haven’t seen it yet. By design, it didn’t show up on the COMING SOON list on the right side of the new page.

When I added the coming soon section, I made it so that not every product in the system would show up. That’s how it used to work, but there’s a lot of crap released on a week by week basis. I’d rather that section focus on things that are likely to provoke interest. So, I made it so that it only shows products that have a rating or a WEIGHT < 99. By default, WEIGHT = 99, and there wasn't a way to change that on the page. I knew it would come up sooner or later. ARK OF TRUTH made it sooner.

I added a COMING SOON checkbox on the product admin page. Whenever a product is added, the ADDEE has the option to force it to appear on the page. It does so by changing the weight to 1.

There are a lot of theatrical releases that I don’t get to see. If the site has any hope of ever making a dime, then it can’t just show the movies that I or other contributors have seen. It has to include what other people would like to see. We now have the stupid-little-tool to do that.

It was a minor update. I added a CHECKBOX with AUTOPOSTBACK = TRUE. The CheckChangeEvent calls a static method in the RELEASE object. The Release object performs the update. Ta-da!


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